An arctic adventure

Never one to sit down and read a magazine (although at times when I’m lying in an exhausted heap I so wish I did), I have been on yet another adventure. Raiding my adventure pot and using my flexible friend, I managed to find enough cash to take me to the arctic coast of Norway, where the amazing and quite lovely Jeff Allen of Sea Kayak Cornwall (SKC) led a sea kayaking expedition.

It’s always boring listening to others go on in detail about their amazing holiday when you’ve been slogging it out earning a crust, so I’ll be very brief and let the photos talk for themselves.

Flying to Tromsa and then heading out to Senja saw the beginning of a 7 day wild camping and kayaking journey way north of the Arctic Circle.

We put in at Laukvik and headed north, paddling around the island of Senja and the beautiful archipelagos along the way. Open crossings, calm seas, rough seas, following seas, force 5s, tide races – a good mix.

Not washing for 7 days and sea-serpent hair were easy trade for the most fantastic vistas and paddling experience. Sea eagles, dolphins, other delightful birdlife, arctic hares and seals… Norway is a feast for the eyes.

If this floats your boat – go!



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