Water Sports Hub

Anyone crossing Marlow bridge in recent weeks is likely to have noticed that the new Marlow Watersports Hub is up and running with fit and healthy types sweating on thevarious pieces of torture equipment installed in the extensive new gym. For my part, I can confirm that the slightly smaller bar is also functioning and is well-stocked with aselection of fine beverages from the Rebellion brewery!

One piece of excellent news to emerge is agreement that the hub fees published in the last newsletter will be the ‘publicrates’ and that anyone signing up to the hub through one of the partner clubs will benefit from even lower rates. These ‘clubrates’ will be £10 per annum for a ‘social member’ giving access to the club room and changing facilities and £120 per annum to include gym membership plus an initial £5 deposit for a key fob.

Hub membership will run for 12 months from joining (and therefore is not linked to the MCCmembership year) and the key fobs will give access to the gym and/or changing facilities andbar/café as appropriate. The changing rooms are equipped with small lockers suitable for storingcar keys, phones etc while using the gym or going out on the water.

Another piece of good news is that membership of the hub gives access to a limited amount of parking including an informal arrangement to use the lower of the Compleat Angler’s car parks other than when the hotel has large or special events on.

The team behind the hub is organised very much as our own club, ie relying on volunteers, and access arrangements are still being developed. The gym and bar facilities are currently available to members only during club sessions (Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes) and on other pre-arranged occasions. Availability is however expected to increase as the hub becomes more established.

MCC members wishing to use the gym will for the moment be expected to joinin with other training squads during peak periods. Hub fob holders will be entitled to take guests into the bar/café area.

Andy Maxted



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