Pool Information

Marlow Canoe Club has booked a series of swimming pool sessions for club members at Chalfont Leisure Centre, a 25m four lane swimming pool about 25 minutes from Marlow. These sessions are open to all members and provide a warm indoor environment for you to practice wet skills such as support strokes, capsize drills, the much sought after skill of rolling, or to introduce younger members of your family to paddle sport. They are unstructured sessions with no specific courses or coaching rota, however you will always find experienced members willing to help.

The entrance to the swimming pool is down a small service road to the left of the main entrance. We usually pile boats and paddles outside the door before and after the session, before getting changed in the swimming pool changing rooms (20p for a locker or take a bag poolside). The pool has changing facilities with warm showers and toilets.

The sessions run from 7pm to 8pm on the first Saturday of every month.

Chalfont Leisure Centre
Nicol Road
Chalfont St. Peter


£5 for adults and £3 for juniors per session.

Individuals are responsible for collecting and returning equipment to and from the club. (Use the Yahoo and Facebook groups to request lifts/shares/access etc.)

All equipment must be inspected for cleanliness and rinsed off prior to use in the pool.

Dave Goddard


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